Manufacturer of High Voltage
Mosfet and Bipolar Transistors

High Voltage N-Channel MOS Power FET

STI TypePolarityBreakdown VoltageContinuous CurrentRDS(on)Trans Conductance MhosTrans Conductance AGate Threshold minGate Threshold maxResistance Switch tonResistance Switch toffResistance Switch IDCase StyleIndustry TypeNotesRequest Quote
2SK2422 65042.6 238.0 Typ60 Typ2TO-220AB/TO-220 Fet2SK2422 Request a Quote
2SK2475 500120.55 Typ7.6 Typ62.53.590 Typ190 Typ6TO-220AB/TO-2202SK2475 Request a Quote
2SK2476 8003512 4.515 Typ45 Typ2TO-220AB/TO-2202SK2476 Request a Quote
2SK2477 8001013.5 Min52.54.2 TO-2472SK2477 Request a Quote
2SK2478 90027.50.61 11*35*1TO-220AB/TO-2202SK2478STI DIERequest a Quote
2SK2479 90037.50.82 12*35*2TO-220AB/TO-2202SK2479*TypicalRequest a Quote
2SK2480 9003412 17*63*2TO-220AB/TO-2202SK2480*TypicalRequest a Quote
2SK2481 9004412 17*63*2TO-220AB/TO-2202SK2481*TypicalRequest a Quote
2SK2482 9005413(off) 2.5(off) 3.5Typ 17Typ 603TO-2472SK2482 Request a Quote
2SK2483 9003.52.812 20*70*2TO-220AB/TO-2202SK2483*TypicalRequest a Quote
2SK2484 90052.823 20*70*3TO-220AB/TO-2202SK2484*TypicalRequest a Quote
2SK2485 90062.8 TO-2472SK2485 Request a Quote
2SK2486 90072 TO-2472SK2486 Request a Quote
2SK2487 90081.6 TO-2472SK2487 Request a Quote
2SK2488 900101.2 TO-2472SK2488 Request a Quote
2SK2508 250 0.25 TO-220AB2SK2508 Request a Quote
2SK2525-01 4509134.52.53.5309010TO-2472SK2525-01 Request a Quote
2SK2527-01MR 90053.6 TO-220AB/TO-220 Fet2SK2527-01MR Request a Quote
2SK2528-01 90053.622.52.53.5301105TO-2472SK2528-01 Request a Quote
2SK2542 50080.85 TO-220AB/TO-220 Fet2SK2542 Request a Quote
2SK2543 50080.853.542445 Typ140 Typ4TO-220AB/TO-2202SK2543 Request a Quote
2SK2544 60061.25232445 Typ150 Typ3TO-220AB/TO-2202SK2544 Request a Quote
2SK2545 60061.25232445 Typ150 Typ3TO-220AB/TO-2202SK2545 Request a Quote
2SK2561-01R 60091.2452.55452409TO-2472SK2561-01R Request a Quote
2SK2562-01R 80072.2232.55552307TO-2472SK2562-01R Request a Quote
2SK2563 60042.21.522.53.5401602TO-220AB/TO-220 Fet2SK2563 Request a Quote
2SK2564 60081.22.442.53.5802904TO-220AB/TO-220 Fet2SK2564 Request a Quote
2SK2568 500120.5 TYP10 TYP62322 TYP140 TYP6TO-2472SK2568 Request a Quote
2SK258 25081.120.93 TO-204AA/TO-32SK258 Request a Quote
2SK258H 25081.120.93 TO-204AA/TO-32SK258H Request a Quote
2SK259 350530.63 25*140*2TO-204AA/TO-32SK259*TypicalRequest a Quote
2SK259H 350530.63 25*140*2TO-204AA/TO-32SK259HTypicalRequest a Quote
2SK260 400530.6310425*140*2TO-204AA/TO-32SK260*TypicalRequest a Quote
2SK2601 5001013.552450 Typ180 Typ5TO-2472SK2601 Request a Quote
2SK2602 60061.25232445 Typ150 Typ3TO-2472SK2602 Request a Quote
2SK2603 80033.60.651.52455*110*1.5TO-220AB/TO-2202SK2603*TypicalRequest a Quote
2SK2604 80052.2132480 Typ140 Typ3TO-2472SK2604 Request a Quote
2SK2605 80052.2132480 Typ140 Typ3TO-2472SK2605 Request a Quote
2SK2606 80081.27.0 Typ42460 Typ110 Typ4TO-262/I-2PAK2SK2606 Request a Quote
2SK2607 80091.2342460 Typ110 Typ4TO-2472SK2607 Request a Quote
2SK2608 90034.3 2455*110*1.5TO-220AB/TO-2202SK2608*TypicalRequest a Quote
2SK260H 400530.6310425*140*2TO-204AA/TO-32SK260H*TypicalRequest a Quote
2SK2610 90052.51.132490 Typ200 Typ3TO-2472SK2610 Request a Quote
2SK2611 90091.43424.560 Typ95 Typ4TO-2472SK2611 Request a Quote
2SK2613 1000 TO-2472SK2613 Request a Quote
2SK2621 500120.6 TO-2472SK2621 Request a Quote
2SK2622 500140.52 TO-2472SK2622 Request a Quote
2SK2629 600101 TO-2472SK2629 Request a Quote
2SK2630 600120.8 TO-2472SK2630 Request a Quote
2SK2632LS 8002.54.8 TO-220AB/TO-220 Fet2SK2632LS Request a Quote
2SK2633LS 80033.6 TO-220AB/TO-220 Fet2SK2633LS Request a Quote
2SK2639-01 450100.65353.54.54011010TO-2472SK2639-01 Request a Quote
2SK2641-01 500100.92.553.54.54011010TO-2472SK2641-01 Request a Quote
2SK2643-01 500150.554. Request a Quote
2SK2646-01 80044 TO-220AB/TO-220 Fet2SK2646-01 Request a Quote
2SK2647-01MR 80044 TO-220AB/TO-220 Fet2SK2647-01MR Request a Quote
2SK2648 TO-2472SK2648 Request a Quote
2SK2648-01 80091.5 TO-2472SK2648-01 Request a Quote
2SK2649-01R 80091.56.0 Typ4.53.54.530 Typ95 Typ9TO-2472SK2649-01R Request a Quote
2SK2651-01MR 90062.5 TO-220AB/TO-220 Fet2SK2651-01MR Request a Quote
2SK2652-01 90062.54.0 typ33.54.525 typ70 typ6TO-2472SK2652-01 Request a Quote
2SK2653-01R 90062.54.0 Typ33.54.525 Typ70 Typ6TO-2472SK2653-01R Request a Quote
2SK2654-01 900825.0 Typ43.54.530 Typ95 Typ8TO-2472SK2654-01 Request a Quote
2SK2654-01R 900825.0 Typ43.54.530 Typ95 Typ8TO-2472SK2654-01R Request a Quote
2SK2655-01R 900825.0 Typ43.54.530 Typ95 Typ8TO-2472SK2655-01R Request a Quote
2SK2661 50051.52.52.52425 Typ60 Typ2.5TO-220AB/TO-2202SK2661 Request a Quote
2SK2662 50051.52.52.52425 Typ60 Typ2.5TO-220AB/TO-2202SK2662 Request a Quote
2SK2664 900 TO-220AB/TO-220 Fet2SK2664 Request a Quote
2SK2665 90033.8 TO-2472SK2665 Request a Quote
2SK2666 90034.7 2.53.5702301.5TO-220AB/TO-2202SK2666STI DIERequest a Quote
2SK2667 90033.8 TO-2472SK2667 Request a Quote
2SK2669 90052.1 2.53.51003502.5TO-220AB/TO-2202SK2669 Request a Quote
2SK2670 90052.1 2.53.51003502.5TO-220AB/TO-2202SK2670 Request a Quote
2SK2671 90052.1 2.53.51003502.5TO-220AB/TO-2202SK2671 Request a Quote
2SK2672 90052.1 TO-2472SK2672 Request a Quote
2SK2673 90052. Request a Quote
2SK2674 90071.6 TO-2472SK2674 Request a Quote
2SK2675 900723. Request a Quote
2SK2676 900101.05 4 TO-2472SK2676 Request a Quote
2SK2677 900101.44.852.53.52507405TO-2472SK2677 Request a Quote
2SK2679 4005.51.2232430 Typ110 Typ2TO-220AB/TO-2202SK2679 Request a Quote
2SK2691 900 TO-220AB/TO-220 Fet2SK2691 Request a Quote
2SK2698 500150.4672485 Typ260 Typ7TO-2472SK2698 Request a Quote
2SK2699 600120.65662475 Typ270 Typ6TO-2472SK2699 Request a Quote
2SK2700 90034.30.651.52455 Typ110 Typ1.5TO-220AB/TO-2202SK2700 Request a Quote
2SK2713 45051.412.52414 Typ50 Type2.5TO-220AB/TO-2202SK2713 Request a Quote
2SK2714 500100.9352419 Typ78 Typ5TO-220AB/TO-220 Fet2SK2714 Request a Quote
2SK2717 90052.51.132490*200*3TO-220AB/TO-2202SK2717*TypicalRequest a Quote
2SK2718 9002.56.411.52460*115*2.5TO-220AB/TO-2202SK2718*TypicalRequest a Quote
2SK2719 90033.70.651.52455 Typ110 Typ1.5TO-2472SK2719STI DIERequest a Quote
2SK2730 500250.24 TO-2472SK2730 Request a Quote
2SK2733 90019 2470*95*1TO-220AB/TO-2202SK2733*TypicalRequest a Quote
2SK2740 60071.2342419 Typ79 Typ4TO-220AB/TO-220 Fet2SK2740 Request a Quote
2SK2746 80071.7 Max5.0 Typ3.52480 Typ220 Typ3.5TO-2472SK2746 Request a Quote
2SK2749 90072.0 Max5.0 Typ3.52480 Typ220 Typ3.5TO-2472SK2749 Request a Quote
2SK2750 6003.52.221.82450 Typ85 Typ1.8TO-220AB/TO-2202SK2750 Request a Quote
2SK2755-01 450180.454.593.54.55012018TO-2472SK2755-01 Request a Quote
2SK2756-01R 450180.454.593.54.55012018TO-2472SK2756-01R Request a Quote
2SK2759-01R 500150.554. Request a Quote
2SK2760-01 60091.22.543.54.540909TO-218 ISO2SK2760-01 Request a Quote