Manufacturer of High Voltage
Mosfet and Bipolar Transistors

High Voltage Silicon Epoxy High Power NPN/PNP Transistors

STI TypePolarityPower DissipationVCEVVCEOICEVICEV AhFEhFE AVCEVBEICCOBfTUnknownCase StyleIndustry TypeNotesRequest Quote
MJE5731PNP403503503501 111.51 10 TO-220AB/TO-220MJE5731 Request a Quote
MJE5731APNP403753753751 0.3 1010 TO-220AB/TO-220MJE5731A Request a Quote
MJE5732PNP404004004001 111.51 10 TO-220AB/TO-220MJE5732 Request a Quote
MJE5740NPN806003006001 422.54 DarlingtonTO-220AB/TO-220MJE5740 Add To Cart
MJE5741NPN807003507001 422.54 DarlingtonTO-220AB/TO-220MJE5741 Add To Cart
MJE5742NPN80700*400700**1 422.54 DarlingtonTO-220AB/TO-220MJE5742*VCBO **ICEXAdd To Cart
MJE5850PNP803503003500.5 221.54270 TO-220AB/TO-220MJE5850 Request a Quote
MJE5851PNP804003504000.5 221.54270 TO-220AB/TO-220MJE5851 Request a Quote
MJE5852PNP804504004500.5 221.54270 TO-220AB/TO-220MJE5852 Request a Quote
MJE8500NPN65120070012000.25 0.521.51250 TO-220AB/TO-220MJE8500 Request a Quote
MJE8501NPN65140080014000.25 0.521.51250 TO-220AB/TO-220MJE8501 Request a Quote
MJE8502NPN80120070012000.25 121.52.5300 TO-220AB/TO-220MJE8502 Request a Quote
MJE8502ANPN80120070012001 121.52.53005 TO-220AB/TO-220MJE8502A Request a Quote
MJE8503NPN80140080014000.25 121.52.5300 TO-220AB/TO-220MJE8503 Request a Quote
MJE8503ANPN80150070015001 121.52.53005 TO-220AB/TO-220MJE8503A Request a Quote
MJE9780PNP22001501501 0.510 5 TO-220AB/TO-220MJE9780 Request a Quote
MJF16002NPN40 450 TO-220AB/TO-220MJF16002 Request a Quote
MJF16006ANPN501000500 81.0 Max1.5 Max1350 TO-220MJF16006A Request a Quote
MJF16010A TO-247MJF16010A Request a Quote
MJF16018NPN100 800 TO-220AB/TO-220MJF16018 Request a Quote
MJF16204NPN45 550 10 TO-220AB/TO-220MJF16204 Request a Quote
MJF16206NPN50 1200 3 TO-247MJF16206 Request a Quote
MJF16212NPN50 650 2.8 TO-220AB/TO-220MJF16212 Request a Quote
MJF18002NPN25 450 TO-220 ISOMJF18002 Request a Quote
MJF18004NPN35 450 TO-220 ISOMJF18004 Request a Quote
MJF18006NPN40 450 TO-220 ISOMJF18006 Request a Quote
MJF18008NPN45 450 TO-220 ISOMJF18008 Request a Quote
MJF18009NPN50 450 TO-220 ISOMJF18009 Request a Quote
MJF18204NPN35 600 TO-220 ISOMJF18204 Request a Quote
MJF18206NPN40 600 TO-220 ISOMJF18206 Request a Quote
MJF47NPN28 250 1 1 TO-220 ISOMJF47 Request a Quote
MJH10012NPN1186004004001 6 TO-218MJH10012 Request a Quote
MJH11018NPN1501501501501 10 DarlingtonTO-218MJH11018 Add To Cart
MJH11020NPN1502002002000.5 1022.810400 DarlingtonTO-218MJH11020 Add To Cart
MJH11022NPN1502502502500.5 1022.810400 DarlingtonTO-218MJH11022 Add To Cart
MJH12004NPN100 75014001 3 1 4 TO-218MJH12004 Request a Quote
MJH13090NPN1506504006500.5 1011.510350 TO-218MJH13090 Request a Quote
MJH13091NPN1507504507500.5 1011.510350 TO-218MJH13091 Request a Quote
MJH16002NPN1008504508500.25 52.51.53200 TO-218MJH16002 Request a Quote
MJH16002ANPN100100050010000.25 52.51.53200 TO-218MJH16002A Request a Quote
MJH16004NPN1008504508500.25 52.51.55300 TO-218MJH16004 Request a Quote
MJH16006NPN1258504508500.25 82.51.55350 TO-218MJH16006 Request a Quote
MJH16006ANPN12510005001000.25 81.51.55350 TO-218MJH16006A Request a Quote
MJH16008NPN1258504508500.25 82.51.55350 TO-218MJH16008 Request a Quote
MJH16010NPN1358504508500.25 1531.510400 TO-218MJH16010 Request a Quote
MJH16010ANPN135100050010000.25 151.51.510400 TO-218MJH16010A Request a Quote
MJH16012NPN1358504508500.25 1531.510400 TO-218MJH16012 Request a Quote
MJH16016 MJH16016 Request a Quote
MJH16018NPN125150080015000.25 51.51.55400 TO-218MJH16018 Request a Quote
MJH16032NPN1258504508502.5 32.51.53 TO-218MJH16032 Request a Quote
MJH16034NPN1258504508502.5 32.51.53 TO-218MJH16034 Request a Quote
MJH16110NPN1354004004000.1 15 3 TO-218MJH16110 Request a Quote
MJH16206NPN1501200120010000.25 10 3 TO-218MJH16206 Request a Quote
MJH16212NPN150150065015000.25 10 2.8 TO-218MJH16212 Request a Quote
MJH6676NPN1254503004500.1 151.51.51550015 TO-218MJH6676 Request a Quote
MJH6677NPN1255503505500.1 151.51.51550015 TO-218MJH6677 Request a Quote
MJH6678NPN1256504006500.1 151.51.51550015 TO-218MJH6678 Request a Quote
MJW16010NPN1358504508500.25 1531.510400 TO-247MJW16010 Request a Quote
MJW16010ANPN135100050010001 1511.510400 TO-247MJW16010A Request a Quote
MJW16012NPN1358506508501.5 1531.510400 TO-247MJW16012 Request a Quote
MJW16018NPN15015008001500*.25* 51.51.5104503 TO-247MJW16018*ICEXRequest a Quote
MJW16020NPN2508504508500.5nA 3031.520800 DarlingtonTO-247MJW16020
MJW16110NPN135650*4006501 1021.510400 TO-247MJW16110*BVCESRequest a Quote
MJW16206NPN15012005001200*.25* 1011.56.53503 TO-247MJW16206*ICESRequest a Quote
MJW16212NPN15015006501500*.25* 10311.53502.75 TO-247MJW16212*ICESRequest a Quote
MJW18020NPN2501000*4501000**0.1** 100.61.251050013 Typ TO-247MJW18020* BVCES **ICESRequest a Quote
NTE2317NPN150 450 15 DarlingtonTO-218NTE2317 Add To Cart
NTE2319NPN175850450 152.51.510400 TO-204AANTE2319 Request a Quote
NTE379NPN2700400 1.0m 511.25180 Typ4.0 Min TO-220AB/TO-220NTE379 Request a Quote
ST44R5NPN404002504001 0.511.20.53020 TO-220AB/TO-220D44R5 Request a Quote
STI-13002/220NPN606003006001 111.21214 TO-220AB/TO-220STI-13002 Request a Quote
STI-13003/220NPN607004007001 111.21214 TO-220AB/TO-220STI-13003 Request a Quote
STI-3004NPN75400*300 2 4 TO-220AB/TO-220STI-3004*BVCBORequest a Quote
STI-3005NPN75500*400 2 4 TO-220AB/TO-220STI-3005*BVCBORequest a Quote
STI-6353NPN40 150 11.5 57050DarlingtonTO-220AB/TO-220STI-6353 Add To Cart
TIP150NPN803003002500.25 2.51.75 710010DarlingtonTO-220AB/TO-220TIP150 Add To Cart
TIP151NPN803503503000.25 2.51.75 710010DarlingtonTO-220AB/TO-220TIP151 Add To Cart
TIP152NPN804004003500.25 2.51.75 710010DarlingtonTO-220AB/TO-220TIP152 Add To Cart
TIP160NPN1253203203201 42.82.2430010DarlingtonTO-247TIP160 Add To Cart
TIP161NPN1503503503501 441.8 430010DarlingtonTO-218TIP161 Add To Cart
TIP162NPN1503803803801 41.8 430010DarlingtonTO-218TIP162 Add To Cart
TIP47NPN403502503501 0.311.51 10 TO-220AB/TO-220TIP47 Request a Quote
TIP48NPN404003004001 0.311.51 10 TO-220AB/TO-220TIP48 Request a Quote
TIP49NPN404503504501 0.311.51 10 TO-220AB/TO-220TIP49 Request a Quote
TIP50NPN405004005001 0.311.51 10 TO-220AB/TO-220TIP50 Request a Quote
TIP51NPN1003502503501 31.51.53 2.5 TO-220AB/TO-220TIP51 Request a Quote
TIP52NPN1004003004001 31.51.53 2.5 TO-220AB/TO-220TIP52 Request a Quote
TIP53NPN3.5 350 300m 3 2.5DarlingtonTO-218TIP53 Add To Cart
TIP54NPN3.5 400 300m 3 2.5DarlingtonTO-218TIP54 Add To Cart
TIPL760NPN808003758000.05 TO-220AB/TO-220TIPL760 Request a Quote
TIPL760ANPN80100042010000.05 TO-220AB/TO-220TIPL760A Request a Quote
TIPL760CNPN75 550 0.511.2211012 TO-220AB/TO-220TIPL760C Request a Quote
TIPL761NPN1008003758000.05 TO-218TIPL761 Request a Quote
TIPL761ANPN100100042010000.05 TO-218TIPL761A Request a Quote
TIPL762NPN1208003508000.05 TO-218TIPL762 Request a Quote
TIPL762ANPN120100040010000.05 TO-218TIPL762A Request a Quote
TIPL763NPN1208003508000.05 TO-218TIPL763 Request a Quote
TIPL763ANPN120100040010000.05 TO-218TIPL763A Request a Quote
TIPL765NPN1258504008500.05 0.5 8 TO-218TIPL765 Request a Quote
TIPL765ANPN125100045010000.05 0.5 8 TO-218TIPL765A Request a Quote