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Mosfet and Bipolar Transistors

High Voltage Silicon Epoxy High Power NPN/PNP Transistors

STI TypePolarityPower DissipationVCEVVCEOICEVICEV AhFEhFE AVCEVBEICCOBfTUnknownCase StyleIndustry TypeNotesRequest Quote
TIPL784NPN 450 DarlingtonTO-218TIPL784 Add To Cart
TIPL785NPN80 1600.05 0.522.210 TO-218TIPL785 Request a Quote
TIPL785ANPN802101502101 0.522.2109010DarlingtonTO-218TIPL785A Add To Cart
TIPL790NPN701601501600.05 0.522.2109010DarlingtonTO-220AB/TO-220TIPL790 Add To Cart
TIPL790ANPN702102002100.05 0.522.2109010DarlingtonTO-220AB/TO-220TIPL790A Add To Cart
TTA1943PNP 230 TO-247TTA1943 Request a Quote
TTC5200NPN 230 TO-247TTC5200 Request a Quote